What is All Medical Examinations

All Medical Examinations or http://www.allmedexams.com is a network of medical professionals gathered on a single platform with the purpose to provide tools and means to do better in medical exams by learning better. Exams is the most important aspect in life of a medical professional. And exams play a very major role in development of a medical professional, right from medical schools to post graduate classes and achieving professorial jobs and ranks.

All Medical Examinations connects the medical professionals, may it be nurses, doctors or medical students to better communicate and find ways and means to improve their medical exam results.

Key Features of All Medical Examinations or http://www.allmedexams.com

Take Exams/ Tests:

All Medical Examination is a great tool to take exams in subjects and topics which one is either studying or preoparing exams or someone wants to n gives you the keys to controlling your online identity. Have you Googled yourself lately? You never know what may come up. LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results, letting you control the first impression people get when searching for you online.

Check Performance:

All Medical Examination is a great way of knowing the performance of one’s exams. A great way of getting understanding of it from exam point of view, like score in one particular topic of Subject or overall score in a subject. One can quickly get a view of his/ her performance by looking at the trends, which are shown with red and green arrows. All Medical Examination team is working further to create more intelligence in this system and is eagerly awaiting feedback from users about how to improve it further.

Build Online Community:

The All Medical Examinations team has put a lot of effort to create eye catching and cool feature of expanding your online community in medical profession. Students can find students by looking at their photos and viewing their country of origin. Also one can find the STAR RATING of that student to add him/ her in their network. By clicking invite one can immediately send a request and once this request is accepted by on the other end both students get linked. This linkage brings them another very important aspect of this whole system which is to create mutual exams, talk to each other about exams, and share knowledge without going out of All Medical Examination.

Top Rated Tests:

The All Medical Examinations team has put a lot of effort to create eye catching and cool feature of Top Rated Tests. This is the area where students can take tests in subjects they have chosen in their home page. A good amount of information is provided on mouse over effects at the Subject nane and Next buttons. One can see the test rating as well.