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What is All Medical Examinations...

  • All Medical Examinations is a network of medical professionals gathered on a single platform with the purpose to provide tools and means to do better in medical exams by learning better. Exams is the most important aspect in life of a medical professional. And exams play a very major role in development of a medical professional, right from medical schools to post graduate classes and achieving professorial jobs and ranks.
  • All Medical Examinations connects the medical professionals, may it be nurses, doctors or medical students to better communicate and find ways and means to improve their medical exam results.
  • Key Features of All Medical Examinations

Post Exam/ Test :

The All Medical Examinations team has paid special attention to create easy and fast way of posting/ creating exams for students. A tutor/ teacher can post an exam of his choice from any of the five subjects he has chosen. Tutors can post True/ False or One Best Answer format of exams Tests/ Examinations posted can be easily edited.

Tests Posted can contain VIDEOS, POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS (SLIDE SHARE / DOCSTOC etc) or simple photos of CT Scans, X Rays, body parts, Pathology/ Histology slides. All is very simple and easy to do.

3 Different Types of Post New Exam:

The All Medical Examinations provides 3 (THREE) different options for TUTORS to post examinations/ tests. Any exam created can be posted for general viewing and any student can take that particular exam.

Exams can be posted to particular EMAILS, like students in one class can be gathered into one group and a TUTOR can post an exam only to a group of students or even one student. Just add emails at the end of choosing that options, it is so simple.

All Medical Examinations team has worked very hard to create a third model of posting exams which works by posting examc/ test created by a TUTOR to particular EMAIL, but the test/ exam is activated on a particular TIME and DATE as TUTOR wants it to be. Like if some TUTOR wants to set an exam/ test for a class on particular date

Create Online Community of Tutors:

  • The All Medical Examinations provides a facility to its tutors to create an online community of tutors who can impart, share and help improve knowledge and nurture skills of teaching. These tutors can be found on the basis of country and their rating of posted tests, this rating is given by students who take tests posted by those particular tutors

Look for Online Help:

  • The All Medical Examinations team has created this tool for tutors to call for help from other Tutors. This tool can be used to ask for examinations help. Create exams between tutors and other syndication related to education and examinations.