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What is required to register for All Med Exams?

One can easily register by using his/ her email as a registration name. Students registered can get immediate access, while Tutors need to wait till their accounts are given approvals by allmedexams admin panel.

Is there any money to be paid for using this service?

NO at this point of time, All Medical Exams is free of costs for tutors and students. There is no commercial package available. Every aspect of functional tools are for free use.

What is Allmedexams

All Medical Exams is an online community on open source, like facebook to empower medical professionals, may it be nursing students, medical students, doctors or post graduate students to prepare for exams better. is also a community for Teachers/ Tutors to conduct exams in a more powerful way by using internet and web based applications. All med exams provides facilities for Tutors to create their accounts and post exams for general viewing and exams which are posted through email accounts, and only those email holders can conduct those exams.